Simplify estimate & estimate management

You don't have to spend hours creating estimates. With AgenterBooks, creating estimates is a matter of a few seconds. Once they're approved, convert them to estimates with a click.


Create estimates on the spot and add contact information, item details, and prices that you've saved in AgenterBooks and send your quotes within no time, your absence from the office will not be a matter


You can send your estimate with a unique design by using different templates that we have arranged for you. AgenterBooks gives you complete freedom to make your templates look just the way you want.


Let's stay away from conventional call and mail to finalize a deal, you can get your deal done through our client portal feature. Through the client portal, you can manage the entire deal process on a real-time basis.


We make nothing left unaccounted, you will always get the history of discounts, negotiation, and status of any estimate within the estimates history section. AgenterBooks also notifies you when your client accepts an estimate or makes a comment.


Turn an estimate into an estimate as soon as your client accepts it. Our estimate & estimate software lets you convert estimates to estimates in a click, saving you the trouble of entering the same data twice.

Make life simple with clever estimate software

Breeze through the simple 4-step pay run and when you need a hand, a AgenterBooks expert is always

Set up repeating estimates

AgenterBooks automatically creates, saves and emails recurring estimates for you – it takes the work out of remembering to estimate regular customers.

Bulk send estimates

Dispatch all of your estimates out at the same time. Or email multiple estimates, including overdue ones, to a single customer at once – the customer can then pay the full amount in one go.

Estimate on your mobile

Send estimates whenever it suits you. Create and send online estimates straight from your phone or tablet as soon as you've finished a job.

Get paid instantly

'Pay now' options on your online estimates let your customers pay you instantly. They can pay straight from the estimate with a debit or credit card, or from their PayPal or Stripe account.

Replicate your last estimate

AgenterBooks saves you time by letting you make a copy of the last estimate you sent to a customer. Just update any parts that you require to and send it off to the customer.