Track, Assess and Monitor

Take control of your complete assets landscape with one comprehensive solutions

Why Agenter Fixed Asset register?

360 degree control over assets

Ensuring a better control over your Assets availability, its condition and movement are not just important from the compliance perspective, but also for ensuring a better utilization of assets. Agenter fixed asset register provides complete control over your assets by giving real-time information of your each asset movement.

Single point monitoring and Control of Assets

Most of the organizations having multiple locations might be facing significant difficulty to keep track of their assets. Agenter Fixed asset register can operate effectively in such an organization to overcome all their difficulties

Easy Asset Audit and Reconciliation

Physical verification of fixed assets with our mobile application will automate your entire audit process and it will give you an accurate result, resulting into significant savings in cost, time and effort involved in conducting the audit.

Forget the Hassles of Excel sheet

Maintain a complete record of all your fixed assets and access it at ease, whenever you need it.

Forget the hassles of Depreciation calculation

Don’t lose your time on depreciation working, because Agenter fixed asset register will automate it for you. Just record the details of the movement of the assets in the fixed asset register you will get all the results that you need...

Bar code scanning

Check an items history on the fly, scan its barcode and pull up the full history within seconds.

Flag damaged equipment for repair

Something not working as it should? You can flag your equipment for repair or scheduled maintenance right from the App.

Increase Assets accountability

Avoid assets going out of your control or misplaced. With Agenter fixed asset register you can see the history of each item along with who had it last.

Smart and Simple Equipment Scheduling

Right asset in the right place

A clear fixed asset register helps you to keep your equipment room well organized

Maintenance at right time

Don’t ever miss the maintenance for your assets, we are here to notify you.

Track your assets

While you move your assets from one location to other we will keep track of it.