Managed Accounting

At Agenter book Spark we offer businesses a powerful software platform, automated accounting and dedicated human accountants. We call this Managed Accounting.

What is Managed Accounting?

Managed accounting is a new way of looking at the accounting function in your business. It’s a revolutionary and scalable way for businesses to simplify the never-ending and complex task of accounting and bookkeeping in order to save money and time.

At Agenter book Spark, we built a managed accounting solution that actually helps you do less while completing more. Spark’s managed accounting leverages three important pillars: software, technology, and people. We utilize Cloud-Based, Information Software as the first pillar which provides a portal for all your managed accounting needs, a dashboard of current information, and coordinates all your communications. The second technology pillar uses Automated Accounting to save time on tedious monthly tasks – like eliminating the need to book debits and credits, and leverages innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically and instantaneously categorize and record transactions. The third powerful pillar is People - our network of accountants any time you need them and a US-based team dedicated to your business to perform the day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting for you.

The first pillar of managed accounting

Cloud-based, information software

MAgenter book Spark has developed cloud-based information software that acts as your portal to all your managed accounting information services.

Communication Platform The information software provides easy access to your human accountant (the third pillar) allowing you to text or instant message your dedicated bookkeeper, or find their phone or email contact information.

Reporting and Data Visualization Review accounting reports and graphic visualizations online for a quick snapshot of your business, or they can be downloaded or printed to share with other stakeholders.

Data and account managementAllows you to change how your managed accounting services are being handled. Setup customized alerts or emails and also view, input or edit all the individual data entries and transactions of your business.

The second pillar of managed accounting

Automated Accounting

Agenter book Spark’s cloud-based accounting software is a powerful time-saver for you and your business. We offer:

Automated bookkeeping Our innovative machine learning technology analyzes your transactions and accounts in real-time, and categorizes activity.

Payroll Running payroll through Agenter book Spark with our partner ADP makes payroll easy. We take care of local, state and federal payroll taxes.

DocumentationAll your transaction documentation is stored in the platform so it can be viewed at any time and all receipts, invoices, and other substantiation documentation are immediately available.

Tax Return PreparationYou can also use Agenter book and Agenter book Spark for tax return preparation to save time and empower you to focus on running your business. Your real-time financial statements available in the Spark platform provide seamless transfer of data so tax return preparation can begin immediately after year end..

The third pillar of managed accounting

Accounting specialization with Agenter book

For the third pillar of managed accounting, accounting specialization is critical. To free up your time so you can focus on other important tasks, your business shouldn’t rely solely upon technology and automation; rather, it’s critical that a 'human-in-the-loop' exists.

When you sign up for Agenter book Spark, you get a dedicated account team who is available for you, whether you have questions about Agenter book Spark’s automated bookkeeping, perhaps you need tax planning advice, or would like input on your business expansion plans. With more than 30,000 Agenter book professionals, we have the specialization to address all your business questions.

The point is, we make it our business to be there for your business all along the way.


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