Search and find what you need from wherever you are, anytime, anywhere

AgenterBooks puts all your essential business information within easy reach, so you don’t have to search far to find what you need.

Find the information you’re looking for

Easily search the whole of AgenterBooks for contacts, transactions or anything else in AgenterBooks from any screen. Or limit your search if you wish to just contacts, just bills, just invoices just quotes, just purchase orders or just bank transactions.

Go where you want to go, fast

Use a keyboard shortcut to move around AgenterBooks at speed – just type ‘/’ to bring up the search bar from any screen except fixed assets and payroll. .

Complete new tasks quickly

Use shortcuts in search to go directly to commonly viewed screens or to add new items in AgenterBooks. Adding a new contact, invoice, bill, quote, or purchase order directly from search saves time navigating between tasks.

Make life simple with clever Estimate software

Breeze through the simple 4-step pay run and when you need a hand, a AgenterBooks expert is always

Stay up-to-date with security warnings

We’ll let you know the latest news on phishing and other scams on our Security Noticeboard. We’ll also give the latest recommendations on how to protect yourself from them.

Bulk send estimates

Send all of your estimates out at the same time. Or email multiple estimates, including overdue ones, to a single customer at once – the customer can then pay the full amount in one go.

estimate on your mobile

Send estimates whenever it suits you. Create and send online estimates straight from your phone or tablet as soon as you've finished a job.

Get paid instantly

'Pay now' options on your online estimates let your customers pay you instantly. They can pay straight from the estimate with a debit or credit card, or from their PayPal or Stripe account.

Oncharge billable expenses

Get your money back on costs by passing them on to the customer. Assign expenses to a customer when you add receipts or enter bills, and then attach them to a customer estimate.

Replicate your last estimate

AgenterBooks saves you time by letting you make a copy of the last estimate you sent to a customer. Just update any parts that you need to and send it off to the customer.

Good customer experiences are built with Agenter. What our clients say

"Super easy to set up and use. With lots of great features. I use the basic version. My only wish is that I could purchase an add-on for more customers. I don't need all the features of the higher priced versions which will also allow for more customers. Their customer service has been fantastic thus far! "


"I am a freelancer in a creative industry, and use Agenter Books for time keeping across projects, invoicing and reporting. It works well, especially if you take a bit of time straight away, getting across all the features it has. I didn't do this at first so some areas were confusing but now, I understand it very well and it really does make business life easier."


"Excellent cloud accounting app. So EASY to use even if you don't have accounting background. The best for me. Tried a few even!"